Communicative Sciences and Disorders (BS)

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Program Description

The Bachelor of Science degree program in Communicative Sciences and Disorders provides a foundation of study in normal communication processes and the application of that knowledge to the identification, treatment, and prevention of communication disorders across the human lifespan. Students may use this foundation as preparation for specialized graduate study in speech-language pathology or audiology, or they may go onto related careers in education, other allied health fields, or public health.

Students develop an extensive knowledge base in anatomy and physiology of the speech and hearing mechanism; normal speech, language, and hearing development; and disorders that can affect the ability to communicate, such as neurogenic communication disorders in adults, child language disorders, and articulation disorders. Additional coursework from related fields such as American Sign Language, psychology, linguistics, and statistics is integrated into the program, and a generous number of liberal arts and sciences and elective courses allow students to explore their own areas of interest.

Throughout the program, students have the opportunity to pair their theoretical knowledge with practical application through structured observation in a variety of settings. Students begin observing speech and language services in the on-campus, state-of-the-art speech-language pathology and audiology clinic. This experience continues in schools, child development centers, Head Start programs, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and skilled nursing facilities throughout the metropolitan area.

The major in Communicative Sciences and Disorders enables students to explore a wide range of interests through electives. Students may choose from hundreds of courses offered across the university or at any of NYU’s many global sites, or they may deepen their understanding of a specific field by declaring a minor in an area of study of particular interest, such as linguistics, psychology, sociology, public health, nutrition, American Sign Language, foreign language, or business.


  • Kappa Delta Pi Honorary Society
  • Selected seniors co-teach New Student Seminar with instructors
  • Departmental Honors:  research program for students with at least a 3.5 GPA, cumulative and major, culminating in an honors thesis based on faculty-supervised independent research

The Honors Program in CSD is an opportunity for exceptional undergraduate students to learn more about communicative sciences and disorders by working closely with a faculty mentor.

This opportunity affords students a chance to learn outside of the classroom, explore where the evidence comes from in "evidence-based" practice, and forge strong relationships with faculty mentors and graduate students in a lab environment. Students who successfully complete the Honors Program will graduate with honors in Communicative Sciences and Disorders.


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