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The Department of Spanish and Portuguese is an interdisciplinary department focused on the language, cultural formations, and critical thought emerging from Latin America, the Caribbean, the Iberian Peninsula, and the Luso-Afro-Brazilian world. Spanish and Portuguese are among the world’s leading languages of culture, sociopolitics, and commerce. Once languages of empire, Spanish and Portuguese are now the lingua franca of important sectors of the Global South, and Spanish is the growing second language of the United States. Through a minor in Spanish, students encounter courses in applied language (including translation, creative writing, and Spanish for the Professions); courses on film, literature, performance, music, and/or visual art; courses that engage history, memory, and archives; and which center debates in philosophy and critical and social thought, including Black and Indigenous perspectives. Students pursuing the minor are encouraged to study away at NYU Madrid or NYU Buenos Aires, where they may complete a significant portion of the minor through site-specific classes and immersive experiences. In addition, minors may participate in internships and collaborate on the online undergraduate journal, Esferas. Students interested in the major track in Spanish should consult the program page for Spanish and Portuguese (BA). 



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