Dramatic Literature, Theatre History, and Cinema (BA)

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Program Description

The program in dramatic literature offers students the opportunity to specialize in the critical, theoretical, literary, and historical aspects of theatre studies. In addition to courses offered each semester by the program’s core faculty in the Department of English, students take classes on theatre, drama, and performance in departments and schools throughout NYU, including practice- based courses. Students engage with works and traditions of drama and theatre dating from ancient times to the present, and take advantage of New York’s incomparably rich theatre landscape. An honors program is available for qualified students

Honors Program

The requirements for graduating with honors in the major in dramatic literature consist of:

  • A 3.65 GPA, both overall and in the major.
  • Completion of the two core courses DRLIT-UA 110 History of Drama & Theatre I, DRLIT-UA 111 Hist of Drama & Theatre II by the time of application to the honors program.
  • Enrollment for two consecutive terms in DRLIT-UA 925 Senior Honors Thesis and completion of a thesis (on a topic of the student’s choice) under the direction of a faculty member.
  • Concurrently with DRLIT-UA 925 Senior Honors Thesis: enrollment for two consecutive terms in DRLIT-UA 926 Senior Honors Colloquium.

December graduates begin the concurrent DRLIT-UA 925 Senior Honors Thesis and DRLIT-UA 926 Senior Honors Colloquium sequences in the spring term and complete them in the fall; May graduates begin the sequences in the fall and complete them in the spring. Applications and deadlines are available on the program’s undergraduate website and at the program offices.

Dramatic literature majors pursuing this honors track may also satisfy the Honors Colloquium requirement by taking, with permission from the director of dramatic literature and the instructor, the Honors Seminar in the undergraduate Department of Drama at Tisch School of the Arts.


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