Students in good academic standing with no administrative holds and who have obtained advisor approval are eligible to register for courses during registration periods assigned by the University Registrar. Registration is done through the Albert Student Center, which can be accessed through NYU Home.

Registration Appointments

Each semester around midterm, the University Registrar sets a registration appointment for each student. The appointment will appear on the Albert Student Center. Appointments are established according to the number of credits a student has earned. The appointment date is the earliest time that a student can register for classes. 

*All students are required to obtain advisor approval in order to register. 

Student Registration Holds

When logging into the Albert Student Center, students should verify that there are no HOLDS on their record. Any holds, such as the library, prior term balance, and health vaccination holds, will prevent students from registering. Please contact the appropriate office to clear any holds before registering. To determine if a student has any holds, please view the Holds section on the Albert Student Center.
Please follow the procedure below for registration each term:

  1. Make an advising appointment with your academic advisor to be cleared for registration.
  2. Bring one copy of your unofficial transcript from Albert and two copies of your proposed schedule.
  3. Students register through their Albert Student Center accounts.  Please refer to the directions on the Registrar’s website for assistance with using the Albert system to register. 

*Students should continually check Albert Student Center up to the start of classes for the latest room assignments, as these can change several times before classes actually begin.

Permitted Course Loads

Full-time master’s and advanced certificate students may register for 12 to 18 credits a term. The maximum number permitted of any student is 18 credits. Graduate students registering for fewer than 9 credits are part-time students.  Those who wish to establish full-time equivalency status should consult their advisor for specific regulations governing such procedures.