Nursing Research and Theory Development (PhD)

Program Description

NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing is home to one of the first PhD nursing programs in the nation. The faculty is composed of some of the most lauded, published, and funded researchers in the profession. The College’s affiliations with hundreds of hospitals, private practices, clinics, professional journals, and other institutions provide a wealth of resources for PhD students.

The College’s PhD program in nursing research and theory development is designed to support students and guide them in achieving their academic and professional goals. The curriculum provides an excellent foundation in the philosophy of scientific inquiry, theory development in nursing science, quantitative and qualitative research designs, and methodological approaches to data management and analyses. Faculty members are dedicated to challenging and encouraging students to conduct groundbreaking original research and examine their own interests and passions for public service. There is a strong commitment by the faculty to conduct research that improves health and healthcare equity across the lifespan and mentor students committed to achieving the same goals.

Our PhD students come from all backgrounds and from all stages of personal and career development. However, they share one common thread: the excellence of their thought and dedication to the nursing field.


Access the application for our PhD program. All applicants to our PhD program are required to submit the following documents at the time of application:

  1. One (1) transcript from each post-secondary school attended. We can review applications with unofficial transcripts. Admitted students will be asked to submit official transcripts prior to beginning coursework at NYU Meyers.
  2. Resume.
  3. A two- to three-page personal statement.
  4. At least three (3) letters of recommendation.
  5. RN (and NP, when applicable) license and registration certificate.

Supplemental Materials

Please attach the following original documentation to demonstrate professional performance/contribution to the nursing field:

  1. A list of research, writing/publications. Please submit no more than two papers that are most illustrative of your ability. If you are not published, you may submit papers from previous academic work and/or forward additional letters of recommendation.
  2. A list of professional organizations or student groups in which you are involved. Acceptable documentation includes program listings or letters from colleagues.
  3. A list of honors from professional societies; a duplicate copy of the honor is acceptable.

The above information should be uploaded to the online application. If you do not have any of the above documents, you can select "no" to the application question which asks if you have any of these supplemental materials.