Radiation Oncology (RADON-ML)

RADON-ML 4065  Radiation Oncology  (2 Credits)  
Typically offered occasionally  
"This selective in Radiation Oncology familiarizes the student with the role that Radiation Oncology plays in the management of both benign and malignant diseases. This selective aims to help our medical students develop a deeper understanding of the multidisciplinary nature of cancer care. An understanding of the different aspects of Radiation Oncology will be emphasized, including radiobiology, physics, natural history of common malignancies, staging, clinical decision making, treatment planning, symptom management, and appropriate follow up. The importance of communication and collaboration between the various physicians caring for cancer patients will be discussed and demonstrated, with a focus on how and why this is important for optimal health care delivery. In addition, the student will appreciate the importance for communication between the various members of the Radiation Oncology team including nursing, radiation therapists, and physicists/dosimetrists. The student will attend clinic daily and work alongside attending physicians. Time will also be spent with radiation therapists and physicists/dosimetrists to understand the roles of various team members within the department. In addition, students will attend multiple multidisciplinary conferences that our radiation oncologists participate in and present at. Given the primary focus of the NYU Long Island School of Medicine, time will also be spent on reviewing the importance of appropriate cancer screenings and guidelines for screening of common malignancies. The course director will also work with our medical students to tailor the educational experience to their needs, interests, and future career path."
Grading: SOM Graded  
Repeatable for additional credit: No