Family Medicine (FMMED-ML)

FMMED-ML 4057  Family Medicine Elective  (2 Credits)  
"During this two-week elective in family medicine, medical students will work directly with a family medicine attending physician in the outpatient setting and have the opportunity to participate in the full breadth and scope of family medicine Ð that is, all patients, all ages, and all clinical scenarios. Students will be expected and encouraged to participate in all clinical duties expected at their level. Didactic sessions and on-site teaching will focus on integrating basic sciences with general medicine, particularly with regards to the most fundamental and high yield topics. This elective is designed not just for students with an interest in family medicine, but rather, it will serve to enhance studentsÕ understanding of key concepts and build interpersonal skills that will serve them well irrespective of their academic pursuits."
Grading: SOM Graded  
Repeatable for additional credit: Yes