Philosophy of Education (PHED-GE)

PHED-GE 2160  The Quest for Meaning in Higher Education  (3 Credits)  
In this course, we examine the place of existential education in colleges and universities today. We study how representative, primary texts from the world’s diverse religious and humanist traditions may provide students guidance in their quests to live meaningful lives. By placing these texts and ideas in sympathetic yet critical conversation with each other, we hope to cultivate an awareness of the spiritual needs that higher education can effectively address.
Grading: Grad Steinhardt Graded  
Repeatable for additional credit: No  
PHED-GE 2300  Ind Study  (1-6 Credits)  
Typically offered Fall and Spring  
It should be noted that independent study requires a minimum of 45 hours of work per point. Independent study cannot be applied to the established professional education sequence in teaching curricula. Each departmental program has established its own maximum credit allowance for independent study. This information may be obtained from a student?s department. Prior to registering for independent study, each student should obtain an Independent Study Approval Form from the adviser.
Grading: Grad Steinhardt Graded  
Repeatable for additional credit: Yes