Social Work (BS)

Program Description

The Bachelor of Science degree in social work provides students with the knowledge and training to be a generalist practice professional, while learning a diverse set of skills that are centered around making human connections, problem-solving, leadership, advocacy, human rights, interprofessional collaboration, and social and economic justice. As part of their academic journey, students gain the tools to enable them to work with diverse individuals and communities in a variety of human service agencies and organizations--from public service agencies to private companies.

While a part of the social work program, students develop the ability to work across cultural barriers from a local, national, and global perspective. They combine electives and required course work with a field internship that gives them supervision, work experience, leadership, and training in the internationally recognized field of social work.

The undergraduate program at NYU Silver is broad enough to prepare students for many different professions. Because of the extensive professional training students  receive as an undergraduate, they may be able to earn a master's degree with only one additional year of study. If, on the other hand, they want to go to work immediately upon graduation, they will be well prepared to make an impact in the world.

The School's program is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.


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