Financial Aid

The cost of a college education is a matter of concern and consideration for many students and their families, many of whom may not be able to attend NYU without financial assistance. Regardless of your family's financial circumstances, paying for college will require a substantial commitment of your resources over the next several years. While the primary responsibility for meeting college costs rests with the student and the family, we are committed to coordinating resources and available funds to help you to invest in your education at NYU.

Although NYU is not able to meet the full needs of every student, we strongly encourage you to apply for financial aid immediately if you believe you will need any amount of financial assistance to make your NYU education possible.

Some awards are granted purely on the basis of scholastic merit. Others are based on financial need. However, it is often possible to receive a combination of awards based on both. Thus, University scholarships or fellowships may be granted by themselves or in conjunction with student loans and/or Federal Work-Study employment. To ensure that maximum sources of available support will be investigated, students must apply for financial aid by the appropriate deadline.

Your decision to apply for financial aid will have no bearing on the admissions decision.