Honors Mathematics (BS)

Program Description

Mathematics forms the cornerstone of the sciences, playing a powerful dual role as both a pure science and a tool for solving problems and modeling phenomena in other disciplines. For example, mathematics allows us to build efficient algorithms in computing, investigate rare events in financial markets, model the physical universe, develop predictions for climate science, map and study the human genome, and analyze the structure of the human brain. Mathematics draws vitality from questions arising in the natural world, as well as applications to industry and technology, and yet it is grounded in rigor and abstraction.

Students wishing to major in Honors Mathematics must have achieved a general GPA of 3.65 or higher, and a GPA of 3.65 or higher in the major sequence. The earliest students are able to declare the major is after completion of Honors Analysis I and Honors Linear Algebra II and posting of their spring semester freshman year grades. If the GPA requirements are not met, the students may graduate as Mathematics majors but retain the Honors designation of the individual courses they took on their transcripts. 


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