Dropping or Withdrawing from Courses

Students are expected to maintain a full-time program as described above and are unable to reduce their program to part-time status if enrolled full-time at the beginning of the semester. Occasionally, they may drop or withdraw from a course if, because of reasons beyond their control, they cannot continue. Withdrawing from a full semester course during the first two weeks of the term is treated as a drop and will not appear on the transcript. Those courses withdrawn from during the third week through the semester withdrawal deadline of the term will be recorded with a grade of W. After the semester withdrawal deadline, no one may withdraw from a course except in cases of full semester withdrawal as recommended by the Student Health Center or Moses Center for Student Accessibility and accompanied by appropriate documentation. Students who are ill or have other serious personal circumstances should contact their advisor.

Complete Withdrawals

Students who wish to withdraw from all of their courses must meet and discuss their plans with their advisor, complete the required forms, and get the approval of the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs.

A student who withdraws officially from all courses in a term may register for the following term, subject to any limitations attached to their withdrawal approval. If the student is unable to attend NYU Shanghai during the term following the withdrawal, he or she should request a leave of absence from their academic advisor. For more information, see next page under “Attendance.”