Clinical Simulation Learning Center

NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing’s 10,000-square-foot Joan K. Stout, RN, FAAN Clinical Simulation Learning Center (CSLC) is designed to simulate the hospital and outpatient environment for both undergraduate and graduate students. Each week more than 100 simulation sessions are conducted at the CSLC for 1,000 BS and MS students. The CSLC allows students to enhance their clinical skills and nursing knowledge in a safe learning environment through the use of computerized manikins, standardized patients, task trainers, and other high-tech hospital equipment. Students must use their clinical judgment, knowledge, communication, and teamwork skills during each simulation.

The CSLC is equipped with the most advanced computerized manikins that have realistic features such as blinking eyes with pupils that react to light, palpable pulses, and the ability to simulate normal and abnormal heart and lung sounds. The manikins are programmed to simulate real patient scenarios reflecting commonly occurring patient health problems such as diabetes and heart failure. In addition to the manikins, the CSLC uses standardized patients (SPs) who are actors who have been trained in a standardized manner to portray a patient during simulated patient encounters.