Mathematics and Physics (BS)

Program Description

Mathematics deals with abstraction, logic, and quantitative reasoning. Because it has applications to nearly every branch of science and engineering, it’s essential for mathematicians to think about how their work infiltrates other branches of learning. Advances in physics — for example, those in electromagnetism and thermodynamics — often resonate deeply with mathematics.

At the School of Engineering, the BS in Applied Physics and Mathematics program serves as a means to bridge these 2 disciplines. The dual major allows you to gain a foothold in separate but substantial fields. In addition to learning the fundamentals of physics and math, our students pursue a specialized course of study that a minor in either field just can’t match.

But we also want to make sure your skills transfer over to the real world. That’s why we provide internship opportunities at major financial, insurance, and technology firms in the New York area.

Students with experience in both mathematics and physics enjoy diverse and interesting careers. Our graduates have the freedom to explore such stimulating fields as chemistry, biology, medicine, and engineering. They’re also qualified for positions in software design, economics, aerospace engineering, law, and business.


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