Feminism and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (FSTEM) (Minor)

Program Description

The Feminism and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (FSTEM) minor trains students to have a critical understanding of the ways that difference and diversity, including gender, race, nationality, class, and ability, shape and are shaped by modern science and technology. Courses for the minor introduce students to the history of women in STEM, the construction of scientific theories of gender and racial difference, queer theory, designing for diversity, and the relationship between gender and disability. Feminist and other student-centered pedagogies encourage students to connect course content to the real world through in-class activities, independent research, writing assignments, engagement with community organizations, and design briefs.

In contemporary STEM fields, professionals must be equipped with the knowledge and tools to identify and decrease bias and unfairness in the design of technical systems, like AI and large-scale infrastructure projects. This minor, open to all Tandon students, prepares students to face these challenges head on and change the world for the better.

Applying for the Minor

Apply for a minor in Albert using the link in the My Academics section of the Student Center.

Students should apply for the minor before applying for graduation. After applying for the minor, the application is then forwarded to the Home School Advising Office, Host School Advising Office, Host School Department/Program, and the Academic Dean’s office.

The departmental advisers governing the minor will have access to approve or disapprove the minor online using the Graduation Tracking Search page. If a student is registered for a course for the minor during their last semester, the adviser can still set the status to departmental approved pending current courses.