Engineering Innovation (Minor)

Program Description

The Engineering Innovation Minor (EIM) focuses on intra & entrepreneurship as a lever for Tandon SOE students to gain vital soft and hard skills to define their value at their future employment opportunities. The EIM Minor is open only to matriculated Tandon Students (or those in NYU pursuing and completing a dual (secondary) degree in Tandon).

This minor tasks Tandon SOE students with conceptualizing and pursuing the development of a commercially viable ventures during the minor with the purpose of learning the skills required to bring products and services from concepts to market, while also building a portfolio of projects. These goals are supported through the EIM’s required core Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship course’s acumens actualized in the NYU Tandon Future Labs (FLE) internship(s) alongside the Future Labs’ portfolio of companies. The portfolio’s companies are early stage and in the process of executing on their go-to-market strategies. Completed freshman engineering credits from the Tandon General Engineering Department are required. A required EIM “boot-camp” acquaints and acclimatizes students to the worlds of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, while preparing students outside of these worlds academically with soft and hard skills which will be needed for the student to survive and thrive in an entrepreneurial environment. An EIM Elective supports further specialization.


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