Applied Physics (BS)

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Applied Physics is devoted to the study and understanding of nature. Considered the most fundamental science, it deals with the constituents, properties, and evolution of the entire universe, from the smallest subatomic particles to the largest galaxies.

At the School of Engineering, our BS in Applied Physics students study physics while working directly alongside engineers. That relationship provides lasting value, as graduates learn to adapt their careers to existing opportunities. Students are encouraged to explore their interests in such fields as entrepreneurship, biophysics, or biomedical instrumentation. Integrated circuit electronics, scanning probe metrology, and computational science are also options. Best of all, these explorations can propel students toward a dual degree, particularly in subjects such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and chemistry.

With a strong foundation in physics, many of our students go on to pursue advanced studies at the master’s level. Many of our graduates seek positions within and beyond the sciences, in fields that include law, writing, and business. Others find a career in disciplines that rely on a solid foundation in physics, be it in industry, government, or education.

The Applied Physics Department also offers a Minor in Applied Physics.


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