Risk Engineering (RSK-UY)

RSK-UY 3593  Probabilistic Risk Assessment  (3 Credits)  
Typically offered occasionally  
This undergraduate course in probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) introduces students to a deep, comprehensive methodology for risk evaluation associated with complex engineered technological designs. Four fundamental questions are addressed: what can go wrong, what are the indications of potential failure, what is the potential magnitude of the failure, and with what probability will failure occur. We will also explore human reliability analysis and common-cause-failure analysis. This course can be applied towards the requirements for NYU-Poly's minor in Nuclear Science and Engineering but not towards the minor in Finance. | Prerequisites: MA-UY 2054 or MA2-UY 212 or MA-UY 3012
Grading: Ugrd Tandon Graded  
Repeatable for additional credit: No