Dental Hygiene (BS)

Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene, totaling 128 credits, serves as a gateway to numerous career prospects within the field. This comprehensive degree not only enhances professional capabilities but also unlocks diverse employment opportunities for dental hygienists. From roles as administrators, clinicians, and educators to opportunities in corporate settings, entrepreneurship, public health, and research, this degree equips individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in various facets of the profession.

The BSDH Dental Hygiene program offers various options for students to pursue their education in dental hygiene. The BSDH Dental Hygiene Concentration curriculum plan can be completed over a typical four-year college curriculum, providing students with the opportunity to earn a BS degree while receiving dental hygiene education. This full-time on-campus or hybrid program includes coursework in general education, basic sciences, clinical sciences, and dental hygiene theory, with a clinical component in the second and third years.

Additionally, there's an option for students who have completed an associate degree in dental hygiene to pursue a BS Degree Completion program, where credits can be transferred, and most classes are offered online. Another option is the BSDH Dental Science Concentration, which integrates prerequisite courses required for dental school application and other health-related professions. For incoming students with transfer credits, there's a BSDH for Transfers curriculum plan, allowing for a shorter completion period. All options are discussed during information-sharing sessions with admissions counselors, ensuring students find the right fit for their educational goals.

The Department of Dental Hygiene and Dental Assisting offers BS students the opportunity to apply for a scholarship when enrolling in our internship courses.


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