Dental Hygiene (BS)

Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene Program is comprised of 128 credits, which can be completed either along a "typical" four-year college track (Track A) or through a degree completion track (Track B). Track A is a four-year dental hygiene program (PDF) which allows the student to obtain the BS degree while also receiving dental hygiene education. Track B (degree completion (PDF)) is for students who have already completed an accredited program in dental hygiene and now wish to pursue a BS degree. Additionally, an Accelerated Track A (PDF) for students with possible transfer credits is available.

All BS tracks include unique internship opportunities in specialized areas of focus, such as education, research, public health and healthcare management. Two required internships (100 hours total) must be completed and are carefully selected by the student with faculty advisement. The classes offered within these tracks are unique in that they familiarize the students with varied aspects of healthcare beyond the clinical scope of practice. In the field of dental hygiene, a BS degree will create more innovative employment opportunities within the field of dentistry and dental hygiene.

The Department of Dental Hygiene and Dental Assisting offers BS students the opportunity to apply for a scholarship when enrolling in our internship courses.


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