Media, Culture, and Communication (BS)

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Program Description

The BS program in Media, Culture, and Communication (MCC) The NYU Department of Media, Culture, and Communication (MCC) prepares students to think deeply and broadly about culture and media using theoretical and historical frameworks. Students gain a critical understanding of the field and acquire the analytical skills needed to become versatile thinkers engaged with an evolving and multi-faceted media landscape.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of study-abroad opportunities to cultivate their knowledge of the production, circulation, and reception of global media.

The components of the major include a strong liberal arts preparation, three core courses in theory and analysis, and upper-level courses consisting of three framing courses and four electives in the following five areas of study:

  • Global Communication and Media
  • Visual Culture and Sound Studies
  • Interaction and Experience
  • Media Industries and Politics
  • Technology and Society

Majors may also take professional electives—courses that complement topics within the media studies discipline—offered elsewhere at the University. Students may combine courses from several program areas to fulfill this requirement.

If interested in pursuing a double major, students may consider combining the major in MCC with journalism, politics, sociology, or another area of interest. Students must consult with their primary adviser in MCC and an adviser in the department of the proposed second major to discuss both programs of study.

Students may also declare a combined major in Global Public Health/Media, Culture, and Communication.


Departmental Honors: Senior Honors Seminar for selected students with at least a 3.75 grade point average, culminating in a senior thesis/project based on faculty-supervised independent research.

Undertaking the Honors Program in Media, Culture, and Communication is an exciting but demanding opportunity for students with outstanding academic records and a serious intellectual curiosity about the discipline. The program prepares and guides students to pursue original, independent research under the supervision of a full-time faculty member during the senior year.


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