American Sign Language (Minor)

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Program Description

Develop proficiency in American Sign Language (ASL) through this popular four-course undergraduate minor. Whether you have prior experience in ASL or are brand new to the language, the ability to communicate with the Deaf community is a strong skill sought after by many employers, specifically in helping professions such as nursing, social work, criminal justice, and more.

Career Opportunities

A minor in ASL can benefit students in many ways. Students who know ASL gain insight about Deaf culture and community, Deaf people, and their language. This knowledge may provide an edge in employment opportunities. The ability to communicate with Deaf people is often seen as an asset by employers, particularly in the helping professions. Students in the Arts profit because of the inherent physical expressiveness of ASL.

Minor Declaration

To request declaration of a minor, Steinhardt students should discuss requirements with the minor department’s advising team and complete the Minor Application in Albert. To request declaration of a cross-school minor, Steinhardt students should complete the online Minor Application available in their Albert Student Center. Students may also use the Minor Application in Albert to request cancellation of a Steinhardt or cross-school minor. For questions related to the declaration or cancellation of a minor, students can contact the Steinhardt Advisement and Registration Team at