Separate and complete registration must be made for each term of work. Students should use Albert, the NYU registration and student information services website, to register for courses each term. This process typically occurs in April for the fall term and in November for the spring term. Announcements concerning these dates are advertised by the Office of the University Registrar as well as the Stern Office of Academic Advising. For each registration period, students are assigned a registration appointment time by the Office of the University Registrar that is determined based on a student’s number of earned credits at the time of registration. This appointment time appears in the student center on Albert. This personal date and time for registration is not subject to adjustment. Payment and other pertinent information is available through the Office of the Bursar.


Students may add and drop courses during designated periods. No classes may be added after the established deadlines.

Study Abroad

NYU Study Away Programs

It is recommended that students take no more than two business courses at an NYU Study Away campus. They may not take more than two courses toward a Stern concentration. See NYU Study Abroad for more information.

International Business Exchange Program (IBEX)

Students may take up to two courses toward a Stern concentration while abroad as part of the International Business Exchange Program (IBEX). Students who wish to take courses toward a non-Stern major or minor must receive approval in writing from that particular department and provide confirmation to the Stern Global Experiences Office.

Short Term Immersion Programs

Short-term programs are a great opportunity for students to enrich their academic experiences by combining coursework with international travel. These short-term programs are only open to NYU Stern students. Refer to the Stern website for more information on short-term immersions.

Summer Sessions & January Term

Matriculated students who wish to attend summer sessions are urged to take advantage of the registration advising period which typically begins in February. The maximum number of overall credits a student may take during summer is 16, however, the credit load for one 6-week session may not exceed 10 credits. Students are advised to refer to the Academic Calendar for specific add/drop and other academic deadlines. Read more about summer sessions here.

January term offers students the chance to enroll in a maximum of 4 credits or one course during the NYU winter recess. A student who wishes to enroll in more than one course for the January term may meet with an academic adviser to discuss it as an option. Matriculated students who wish to take courses during the January term are urged to take advantage of the registration advising period that begins in October. Click here for more information regarding registration timelines, course offerings, and tuition.


During registration, most Stern courses will open a waitlist when a section of a particular course has closed. Students may use Albert to add themselves to a waitlist for a given course. Being waitlisted for a course does not guarantee admission into that course. Students are encouraged to register for an alternative course to ensure proper academic progress and satisfactory completion of degree requirements. Albert provides students with various tools to assist with course adjustment and the waitlisting process. For an outline of those features and instructions, refer to the Office of the University Registrar’s website.