Refund Policy

Withdrawal and Refund of Tuition

Students who for any reason find it impossible to complete a course for which they have registered should consult with an academic adviser. An official withdrawal must be filed either on Albert (through the first three weeks of the term only) or in writing on a completed Change of Program (drop/add) form with the Office of the University Registrar.

Note: An official withdrawal must be filed if a course has been canceled, and in this case the student is entitled to a refund of tuition and fees paid. Withdrawal from courses that have not been canceled does not necessarily entitle the student to a refund of tuition paid or a cancellation of tuition still due. A refund of tuition will be made provided such withdrawal is filed within the scheduled refund period for the term (see Refunds for refund schedule details).

A student may not withdraw from a class during the last three weeks of the fall or spring semester or the last three days of each summer session. Exceptions to the published refund schedule may be appealed in writing to the refund committee of the school of registration and should be supported by appropriate documentation regarding the circumstances that warrant consideration of an exception. Exceptions are rarely granted. Students who withdraw should see Refunds on the Office of the Bursar’s website.

Federal regulations require adjustments reducing financial aid if a student withdraws even after the NYU refund period. Financial aid amounts will be adjusted for students who withdraw through the ninth week of the semester and have received any federal grants or loans. This adjustment may result in the student’s bill not being fully paid. NYU will bill the student for this difference. The student will be responsible for payment of this bill before returning to NYU and will remain responsible for payment even if the student does not return to NYU.

For any semester a student receives any aid, that semester will be counted in the satisfactory academic progress standard. This may require the student to make up units before receiving any further aid. 

Tuition Insurance Refund Program

Injury or illness can happen to anyone at any time and could potentially require a student to take a medical withdrawal. Students may protect their education investment in the unfortunate event this happens through the Tuition Refund Insurance program offered by GradGuard.

Tuition Refund Insurance is an optional benefit and is not administered through New York University. It allows a student to receive up to a 100% refund during the term of a covered medical withdrawal. See GradGuard for more information.