Sociology (Minor)

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Program Description

The discipline of sociology examines how our individual lives are embedded in families, groups and social networks, neighborhoods and schools, and organizations and institutions. Sociologists focus on the ways in which our own biographies are influenced and constrained by broader social, political, and economic forces which can be very localized, but are increasingly global in scale.

We study sociology to understand the social world and to create change that will make it a better place. It is a discipline that gives students the tools to think critically about public issues of the day and to analyze many different kinds of evidence about the world that surrounds us. It pushes students to see the world differently, and to look beyond individuals to see the ways in which power, inequality, and social hierarchies operate beneath the surface of everyday life.

Minor Declaration

To request declaration of a minor, CAS students should visit the host department. To request declaration of a cross-school minor, CAS students should complete the online Minor Application available in their Albert Student Center. Students may also use the Minor Application in Albert to request cancellation of a CAS or cross-school minor.