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Program Description

The joint major in mathematics and computer science is an interdisciplinary program of study offered by the Departments of Mathematics and Computer Science at the renowned Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, an independent division of New York University. The Courant Institute is one of the top-ranked mathematics departments worldwide, and is well-known for its pioneering history in the field of applied mathematics. This major offers the opportunity for deep study of the field of computer science alongside such relevant mathematical fields as analysis, algebra, probability, statistics, combinatorics, and numerical analysis.

Honors Program in Computer Science and Mathematics

The prerequisite for declaring this major is completion of either CSCI-UA 101 Intro to Computer Science or CSCI-UA 102 Data Structures (depending on placement) with a C or better. This is a twenty-course (80-credit) interdisciplinary major offered by the Departments of Computer Science and Mathematics.

The honors degree will be awarded to students with outstanding performance in the program. To be eligible for this distinction students must:

  1. Complete all college BA requirements including at least 64 credits of graded work in the College of Arts and Science.
  2. Complete all of the course requirements for the program.
  3. Maintain a grade point average of 3.65 or better in the major sequence (including honors requirements) AND maintain a general grade point average of 3.65 or better.
  4. Request admission to the honors program by completing the Honors Admission Request Form.
  5. Meet with the computer science program administrator and director of undergraduate studies to discuss the program requirements once they have been admitted.
  6. Students are required to submit a copy of their completed thesis to the mathematics honors faculty advisor as well as to the faculty director of undergraduate studies in computer science.
Course Title Credits
Required Honors Courses
Computer Science Requirements
CSCI-UA 101Intro to Computer Science4
CSCI-UA 102Data Structures4
CSCI-UA 201Computer Systems Org4
CSCI-UA 202Operating Systems4
CSCI-UA 310Basic Algorithms4
CSCI-UA 421Numerical Computing4
CSCI-UA 453Theory of Computation4
Select three computer science courses listed at the CSCI-UA 400 level12
Mathematics Requirements
MATH-UA 121Calculus I4
MATH-UA 122Calculus II4
MATH-UA 123Calculus III4
or MATH-UA 129 Honors Calculus III
MATH-UA 140Linear Algebra4
or MATH-UA 148 Honors Linear Algebra
MATH-UA 325Analysis4
or MATH-UA 328 Honors Analysis I
MATH-UA 329Honors Analysis II4
MATH-UA 343Algebra4
or MATH-UA 348 Honors Algebra I
MATH-UA 349Honors Algebra II4
Select two of the following:8
Honors Theory of Probability
Honors Numerical Analysis
Honors Ordinary Differential Equations
Honors I (Honors I)
Senior Honors II (Honors II)
Honors III (Honors III)
Honors IV (Honors IV)
Total Credits80

Where applicable, the same course counts toward both the advanced electives requirement of the regular major and the honors electives. Students who have taken MATH-UA 325 Analysis or MATH-UA 343 Algebra may not take the corresponding MATH-UA 328 Honors Analysis I or MATH-UA 348 Honors Algebra I to fulfill this requirement.

Honors Research Project

Honors students must also complete a senior research project. The research project requirement can be completed at either department, through guided/research independent study courses at either department, or participation in the mathematics summer research program (SURE or AM-SURE) program. Students who participate in the SURE or AM-SURE program are required to present their research at the undergraduate research forum at Courant in the fall semester of their senior year. 

Alternatively, students not accepted to the SURE or AM-SURE programs must register for two semesters of independent study through either department. Students are expected to dedicate 10 to 20 hours per week toward their research. At the conclusion of the independent study, students must present their research at the College’s Undergraduate Research Conference in the spring semester of their senior year. Students completing the honors research project requirement via the independent study must obtain approval of their research project from the faculty honors advisor, director of undergraduate studies, or vice chair of undergraduate affairs.


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