Latin American and Caribbean Studies (BA)

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Program Description

The major in Latin American and Caribbean studies allows students to design an interdisciplinary course of study around their interest in the region, drawing on a range of fields including politics, history, literature, anthropology, social and cultural analysis, art history, and more. The College of Arts and Science boasts a distinguished, dynamic faculty in Latin American and Caribbean studies. The program encourages students to study away at NYU Buenos Aires where a range of courses has been developed for majors, and equally encourages them to experience New York City as an eminently Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx metropolis. NYU also boasts rare and innovative programs in the study of Haitian Creole and of Quechua. Students benefit from the ample programming and resources of NYU’s Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS, and the vast resources related to the region in the city. The undergraduate major is offered jointly by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and is administered by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.

Honors Program

Writing an honors thesis allows students majoring Latin American and Caribbean Studies to undertake advanced independent research, analysis, and writing under close faculty guidance. By writing an original thesis, students participate in the production of new knowledge and critique, and make genuine contributions to our field. Engaging in self-designed research can be one of the most exciting experiences of a college career. Students with an overall and major GPA of 3.65 qualify and should confer with the director of undergraduate studies in the second semester of their junior year. During their senior year, students register for SPAN-UA 498 Senior Honors Seminar (fall) and then enroll in SPAN-UA 499 Honor Thesis Seminar (spring). Students also present the conclusions of the thesis for different audiences, including participation in the Dean’s Undergraduate Research Conference and the Annual Departmental Showcase. Students write an abstract and have the opportunity to submit an extract of the thesis to Esferas, the Department’s Undergraduate Research Journal.


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