International Relations (BA)

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Program Description

International relations (IR), offered through the Wilf Family Department of Politics, seeks to provide students with an understanding of the global system’s past, the tools to function effectively in the present, and the ability to respond to future developments. The program recognizes the changing nature of the contemporary political and economic environment and seeks to lay an interdisciplinary basis for understanding these changes. It provides students with an opportunity to study the complex web of transnational politics in an in-depth, interdisciplinary fashion. The breadth of courses is designed to match the breadth of knowledge and skills that the field requires. The program combines a foundation of core courses in politics, economics, and statistics with a suite of classes on international relations and political economy, elective courses focused on a particular region, advanced study in a foreign language, and a required semester of study abroad. An honors program is offered for qualified students, who take an additional two-semester seminar sequence in their senior year in which they write a thesis under close supervision of faculty members.

Honors Program

Students who have a 3.65 GPA, both overall and in the IR major, and who are motivated to pursue independent research with an emphasis on quantitative methods and techniques may apply to the program’s honors track. Honors students take the two-semester (8 credit) Senior Seminar sequence (INTRL-UA 990 Ir Senior SeminarINTRL-UA 991 Ir Senior Honors) in which they work closely with faculty advisers as they write a senior thesis.


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