Global Public Health and Anthropology (BA)

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Program Description

The highly selective, demanding undergraduate majors in Global Public Health (GPH) allow CAS students to choose a course of study that is a combination of public health and an academic discipline housed in the College (GPH is not a stand-alone major), and also provide them with instructors and courses drawn from the entire university. This unique structure responds to the ever-increasing demand for interdisciplinary public health practitioners both in the U.S. and abroad. The coursework is integrated with experiential learning and study away requirements to ensure that students are broadly trained and uniquely prepared for a variety of careers.

The majors’ global public health courses are offered by the NYU School of Global Public Health (708 Broadway, 11th Floor; 212-992-6741; GPH delivers truly interdisciplinary public health education at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral level. It builds on the global reach of NYU’s unique Global Network University; draws strength from the entrepreneurial spirit of NYU’s many talented faculty and students; and serves as a conduit for groundbreaking research and education that advances and promotes equitable health for all.

This major provides interdisciplinary training that embraces the natural convergence of society, culture, and health, and draws on the Department of Anthropology’s strength in bridging the social sciences, natural sciences, and humanities. The joint major in global public health and anthropology prepares students to analyze various cultural traditions through the lens of health; to examine complex relationships within economic, political, cultural, physical, and biological environments; and to apply anthropological approaches to public health problems. The joint major is designed to prepare students for multidisciplinary careers in a variety of settings and/ or for advanced academic training in public health, anthropology, or other related fields.


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