Economics and Computer Science (BA)

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Program Description

This is an interdisciplinary major offered by the Department of Economics with the Department of Computer Science. This joint major is intended for the student who seeks comprehensive training in economic analysis alongside computing and programming techniques. It is particularly well-suited for students who wish to better understand the digital economy and are interested in pursuing an academic or professional career at the intersection of these two disciplines. Students pursuing this joint major will follow the theory track in economics.

Joint Honors

Honors students are required to take twenty-three to twenty-four 4-credit courses (92-96 credits). A 3.65 overall GPA and a 3.65 average in both economics and computer science courses are required. Honors students must follow the theory concentration in economics, participate in a year-long research program in their senior year, and write a thesis under faculty supervision. Interested students must consult with the directors of undergraduate studies in both departments for advisement and for permission to enter the honors program.

Course Title Credits
Joint Honors Requirements
ECON-UA 1Introduction to Macroeconomics4
ECON-UA 2Introduction to Microeconomics4
ECON-UA 11Microeconomic Analysis4
ECON-UA 13Macroeconomic Analysis4
ECON-UA 20Analytical Statistics4
ECON-UA 266Intro to Econometrics4
Two theory advanced economics elective courses 18
ECON-UA 410Honors Tutorial (taken fall of Senior year)4
ECON-UA 450Honors Thesis I (taken in the spring of Senior year)4
Computer Science
CSCI-UA 101Intro to Computer Science4
CSCI-UA 102Data Structures4
CSCI-UA 201Computer Systems Org4
CSCI-UA 202Operating Systems4
CSCI-UA 310Basic Algorithms4
CSCI-UA 421Numerical Computing4
CSCI-UA 453Theory of Computation4
Three advanced computer science electives 28-12
MATH-UA 120Discrete Mathematics4
MATH-UA 131Mathematics for Economics I4
MATH-UA 132Mathematics for Economics II4
MATH-UA 133Mathematics for Economics III4
Total Credits92-96

Courses must be numbered ECON-UA 300-399.


Courses must be numbered CSCI-UA 400-499. One advanced computer science elective may be substituted by MATH-UA 140 Linear Algebra, ECON-UA 310 Game Theory (T) or ECON-UA 365 Advanced Micro Theory (T). Students may double-count one economics elective towards the computer science elective, but not the reverse.


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