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Computing plays an increasingly important role in almost all fields. It is a very diverse discipline that comprises both theory and applications and incorporates the design and analysis of computing technology. The Department of Computer Science is part of the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, a world-renowned center for the study of mathematics and computer science.

The department offers four major programs: the computer science major, the joint computer science/data science major, the joint economics/computer science major, and the joint mathematics/computer science major. The department also offers three minor programs: the computer science minor, the web programming and applications minor, and the joint mathematics/computer science minor. The goal of the majors is to train students in fundamental principles of computer science as well as many practical aspects of software development. Courses combine practical programming experience with techniques for analyzing problems and designing computer algorithms. The goal of the minors is to train students to be proficient users of computers and computer software with less emphasis on the underlying technology and mathematical tools.

Advanced undergraduate students can work on a variety of research projects with the faculty. Outstanding undergraduates may pursue a master's degree through an accelerated five-year program.

Joint BS/BS Program with the NYU Tandon School of Engineering

The department offers CAS students a dual five-year BS/BS program with the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. Students in the program receive the BS degree in computer science from CAS and the BS degree in computer engineering or electrical engineering from NYU Tandon. See Programs for a list of joint BS/BS programs offered at CAS.

See Dual Degree Program in Engineering for more information or visit the College Advising Center, 726 Broadway, 7th floor; 212-998-8130.

Honors Program

A degree in computer science is awarded with honors to selected majors who successfully complete the requirements of the honors program. Students interested in graduate or professional school are especially urged to pursue honors. Interested students must consult with the directors of undergraduate studies in both departments for advisement and for permission to enter the honors program. Ideally, students should speak to the Departments of Mathematics and Computer Science early in their sophomore year to begin planning for honors.

The requirements (fifteen courses/60 credits) include the following computer science courses:

Course Title Credits
Computer Science Courses
CSCI-UA 101Intro to Computer Science4
CSCI-UA 102Data Structures4
CSCI-UA 201Computer Systems Org4
CSCI-UA 202Operating Systems4
CSCI-UA 310Basic Algorithms4
CSCI-UA 421Numerical Computing 14
CSCI-UA 453Theory of Computation4
CSCI-UA 520Undergraduate Research4
CSCI-UA 521Undergraduate Research4
Advanced Computer Science Electives
Select two 400 level advanced computer science electives8
Mathematics Courses
MATH-UA 120Discrete Mathematics4
Select one of the following:4
Calculus I
Mathematics for Economics I
Select one of the following: 24
Calculus II
Mathematics for Economics II
MATH-UA 140Linear Algebra4
Total Credits60

Note that students who have taken MATH-UA 252 Numerical Analysis must contact the director of undergraduate studies before registering for CSCI-UA 421 Numerical Computing.


Students must choose one calculus track or the other to follow and cannot mix courses from the two tracks.

Research work must culminate in a thesis (typically 40 to 60 pages in length) to be presented at the College’s Undergraduate Research Conference, held every April. An overall and major GPA of 3.65 is required.


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