Animal Studies (Minor)

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Program Description

The NYU minor in animal studies, administered by the Department of Environmental Studies, draws from courses in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences to provide students with a wide range of options – from biology and environmental science to art and literary studies, from sociology and anthropology to ethics, law, and policy. This minor can be combined with any major and will help students develop strengths in a variety of academic and professional fields. This minor affords students one of very few opportunities in the country to incorporate animal studies into a college degree.

Minor Declaration

To declare the animal studies minor: CAS students must visit this departmental website and fill out the form listed under the Declaring a Major or Minor section; non-CAS students must declare the minor through the "Application for Cross-School Minor" form found on the "Academics" tab in Albert. The "host school" for the minor is CAS, and the "home school" is the school in which one are matriculated as a full-time student. The minor declaration request will then be processed by your home school.