Academic Calendar

While the Silver School of Social Work follows the University Academic Calendar, students enrolled in Field Learning may have different calendars, including holidays.  

Field hours for MSW students vary across pathways. Full- time students are in Field 3-days/21 hours weekly during normal business hours. Extended students in their first year may do 15 hours per week Fall to Summer (3-semesters), and 21 hours during normal business hours in the second year (Fall and Spring semesters) and must be available at least one weekday. The 32-month program for working professionals do 13 Field hours weekly and have the option to do evening/weekend placements, but must do 3 Field hours during normal business hours.

Field Learning dates and times, including observed holidays, can be confirmed by contacting your academic advisor or Field Learning coordinator.

Event Day Date
Practicum Education begins Monday September 18, 2023
No Practicum (Spring Break) - Students placed in agencies (e.g. schools) that are closed for their own spring break must take the agency’s break in lieu of NYU’s spring recess Monday - Sunday March 18 - March 24, 2024
Last Day of Practicum for those in placement 21 hours/week Friday May 3, 2024
Last day of Practice classes Monday May 13, 2024