To facilitate advisement and remediation, the Office of Medical Education (OME) receives information on students in possible academic difficulty as grades become available during the progress of each module or clerkship. After each examination or major exercise for which a grade or comment is generated, the Module or Clerkship Director provides the OME with: (1) a list of students who received either a failing grade or an "Incomplete"; (2) their scores or reasons for the failure or incomplete grade; and (3) a description of the performance of the entire class so that the grade can be placed in context. Module or Clerkship Directors meet with students while their modules or clerkships are in progress. The OME, together with the Office of Student Affairs, meets with students who experience academic difficulty to determine the source of the difficulty, advise, recommend various resources (such as a tutor or learning skills specialist), and make other referrals as appropriate in an effort to ensure academic success. Students judged by the faculty to be in either academic difficulty, or at risk of failing, are eligible for tutoring. Students are also encouraged to take the initiative in discussing their academic progress with their Violet Society faculty advisor or in asking for assistance from Module, Content or Clerkship Directors, and the Dean for Student Affairs.