Gallatin Graduate Advising

Advising is a key component of the Gallatin MA program. Throughout the individualized program, students can access expert help to negotiate the resources of a large university and to meet their academic goals during the Gallatin MA program.

Primary Adviser

When a student matriculates at Gallatin, the student is matched with a  primary adviser. On the application for admission, the student lists three faculty members with whom they would like to work as their primary adviser.  This primary adviser is an NYU professor, who works with the student to define academic and professional goals, to develop an appropriate strategy for pursuing those goals, and to locate the necessary educational resources to carry out the academic plan. The primary adviser serves as the first reader for the thesis and as the chair of the thesis defense. An expert in the student’s area of interest, the primary adviser acts as facilitator, guide, and mentor, enabling the student to,to understand essential theories, methods,  and practices in the chosen field.
The primary adviser might be a member of the Gallatin faculty (either full-time or part-time) or a faculty member (either full-time or part-time) in another department of NYU. 

Gallatin Faculty

Students are encouraged to acquaint themselves with Gallatin faculty in their areas of interest and consult with those faculty members throughout the program. Gallatin faculty members play an important role at two stages of the program: the thesis proposal review, and the thesis defense. A Gallatin faculty member will serve as the reviewer of the student’s thesis proposal and will provide a written response to the proposal. Students select a three-person thesis defense committee that must include the student’s adviser and at least one full-time Gallatin faculty member. 

MA Program Directors

There are two Faculty Co-Directors and one Administrative Director of the MA program. The Faculty Co-Directors are full-time Gallatin faculty members who are available to provide advice on program requirements and to address any academic concerns that arise. 

The Administrative Director assists students throughout their experience in the MA program with a range of issues including academics, advising, preparation for the RAW forum and the thesis defense, full-time and part-time equivalency, registration, student affairs, student life, student services, and more. They also serve as liaison to NYU’s Office of Global Services for visas for international students.

Faculty Co-Directors

Faculty Profile: Stephen Duncombe
Faculty Profile: Gregory Erickson

Administrative Director

Faculty Profile: Gwynneth Malin


Each semester in order to register for courses, students meet with their academic adviser to complete and submit the Plan of Study form. Before students can register on Albert, students’ academic advisers must approve the courses listed on the plan of study.